Our Digital Physical Phygital solution

Our Digital Physical Phygital solutions

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We develop innovative experiences, products and services with high technological value,

for everyone* who wants to bridge between digital and virtual.



Why D.O.S.?

Help you to create yours, undo the digital embarrassment.

Out of the box solutions and innovation processes to bridge the gap between yesterday, today and tomorrow. #phygital: a mixed approach between real and digital world.

A catalog of solutions capable of improving the work processes of brands and individual professionals, or to propose themselves on the market in an impactful way compared to the competitors.

The proposed solutions are based on a flexible ecosystem that works with ease in both digital and analogue environments, as well as in the phygital dimension.

Problem - Real world - Digital experience - Solution

DOS, for more than a decade and starting in the early 1980s, was the system that allowed personal computers to function.
Without DOS, booting was simply not possible. From this metaphor, in 2019, was born DOS – Design Open’ Spaces, an operating model that is based on design.

D.O.S. bring innovation to the territories, starting from the city of Milan, physically and digitally opening spaces of the City, creating new looks on innovation and urban space, involving designers and professionals from around the world through a phygital approach. The start-up occasion was the Design Week, a central moment for the world of design in the capital, to test a model exportable to every city in the world: a new and unprecedented approach to the creation and use of content.

This is how we do it

diagramma VERTICALE short-09

All the Design IDentities

For Milan Design Week 2021 ID proposes to overcome, through a diffuse exhibition that connects physical and virtual worlds, traditional boundaries and amplify the experience through the use of new technologies. The real environment is the envelope, the support for a digital content that can always change.


Pixel by pixel,

Build the city of the future

Pixel City is the first virtual city with real-world effects. The physical experience is amplified using new digital technologies such as advanced sensors, haptic technologies and Augmented Reality, with the aim of creating synergies between companies, individuals and institutions.

Thematic districts, collaborate with each other, to generate innovation-oriented projects through extended reality dynamics.

we help you to create yours -

Bring your brand into the future

with custom experiences

Through our services you will be able to receive exclusive data
about the progress of their projects. Such as impressions, acquisitions, openings, rescues, shares, age, gender, country and city. You will also be able to place your project within a specific target group.

Do You Want An Amazing AR Experience?

We use technology

in the most creative way

to create a custom solution.

In Pixel City, the physical experience is amplified through the use of new digital technologies, both invisible and not; innovative tools that help to implement strategies for the dissemination of content ensuring a great virality.

In fact, today more than ever, there is a growing need to transcend physical space and enter into a new, changing and potentially infinite dimension.
Virtual space becomes a new territory populated by contents that give users increased and amplified experiences, in addition to the traditional ones in physical spaces.



Quick Response Code

A two-dimensional barcode, intended to be read by a smartphone, if smartphone, if framed.


Bluetooth Low Energy

Devices that operate with BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, hardware used in Proximity Marketing.Haptic


Near-field communication

Transceiver technology transceiver that provides wireless connectivity wireless remote connectivity (contactless) short-range wireless or contactless connectivity.


Life hack haptic feedback

Device that allows you to receive tactile sensations, previously recorded and then categorized.


Augmented reality

​​Overlapping information multimedia to what you see on your display.

3D Scan

Object scan modeling

Process by which it is possible to obtain the morphology of an object by scanning the real object and returning it as a 3D model.

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) Complex of creative activities undertaken in a systematic way both to increase the body of knowledge (including those relating to humans, culture and society), and to use this knowledge for new applications.

For DOS, research and development move in one direction: connecting the analog world to the digital one, investigating innovative applications and new augmented functions (through the use of digital) for materials, objects and spaces. How to evolve the SME system and their strategy? How to make entertainment devices and applications useful for everyday life? How can an inert mineral and an NFT interact? These are just some of the tasks that the study sets itself, to investigate and find answers, regarding ethical and sustainable development, in the panorama of doing.

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