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A brand with a youthful, unconventional personality that does not like traditionality, the standard, but will rifler volari as: renewal, revolution and change.

Pushmore wants to intrigue you, make you participate and interact with a line of mainly minimal design and in some garments with creative designs in connection with the world of 8bit, gaming and crypto.

Develop a process that integrates digital with the PUSHMORE streetwear line, going to “augment” the graphics created on t-shirts and hoodies, inspired by the NFT world, for the activation of high-impact AR experiences that complement and enrich the line’s drop.

Generation of AR experiences made ad hoc, closely related to the individual graphics, which can characterize the first streetwear line able to dialogue with the world of NFT and augmented reality. Customers, already in store, through direct tracking, will be able to access the content and evaluate the purchase of the complete package (wear + animation), without the need to download a dedicated app, but through the use of the most popular social networks (FB/IG): a dynamic developed to make the generated content sharable and repostable in real time, thus increasing in an “autonomous and automatic” way the brand diffusion.

Animation concept design, realization of dynamic Qrcodes, digitization of graphics, realization of AR filters with tracking and publishing on referral pages, creation of HowTo toolkit for store and merchants, interaction data monitoring.

The animations

Several animations were created from the collection designed by pushmore keeping in line with the graphic style of this one in connection to the world of 8bit, gaming and nft.
By framing the QR code printed directly on the T-shirt, also in reference to 8bit and pixel art graphics, we access Augmented Reality that uses the graphics themselves as image tracking to animate them and thus go on to create the first fashion line that belongs to both the physical and virtual worlds.

Try the augmented reality experience

Try the augmented reality experience

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