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Studio Coronel

Studio Coronel has been involved in planning and interior design for 20 years. Paola Silva Coronel, who founded the studio in 2002, has always had a special attention and inclination for those “soft qualities” that contribute to characterize interiors: whether commercial, executive or private.

From way-finding to physical branding, Studio Coronel’s activity has been strongly influenced by its connection with 3M, the American multinational leader in the production of foils dedicated precisely to graphics and architecture.

Realize an Augmented Reality experience so as to create an exhibition of virtual products models, without providing for the physical presence of the models themselves. The brief follows principles of capillarity and ease of use, in line with the identity of the event.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, from the white blanket of snow it is possible to interact with design objects in an innovative way.

Seventeen objects to be scouted, belonging to leading design companies on the international scene. Companies such as DePadova, Delta Light, Jannelli&Volpi, Kartell, Living Divani, Poltrona Frau have fully embraced a new way of enjoying products, positioning themselves on the scene as among the most attentive to the market’s technological evolutions. The Courmayeur slopes are no longer simply the place for rapid descents, but will be transformed into a field for a design hunt Toward the META. Chairs, armchairs, lamps and walls covered with wallpapers help draw a new landscape straddling the virtual and real worlds. The sign disks become an access portal to the most innovative experience you can find on a ski slope: iEncounter the QR codes on the poles to access the exclusive augmented reality experience. The interaction is very simple: frame the QR code, choose to access via instagram, position the object by clicking the desired location, interact with the object by scaling and rotating it. Once you perform these actions the object is visible in the real world through the screen filter of your smartphone or tablet and you can walk around it, take photos, record videos and share them directly on your social profiles.

Request and receipt of models from companies (where present), ad hoc creation of models (where not present), optimization of modeling files, textures, colors, and reflections. Creation of dynamic QRcodes (with graphic customization). Creation of AR experiences with upload to event page.

Models were created through the use of photorealistic materials to give the effect of bringing real furniture objects into an open-air, high mountain space. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the technology used, the virtual models were chosen to be scalable to make them experienceable at different sizes.


VERSOlaMETA (towards the meta) was the theme of the Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023. Not just a play on words, looking at the world of METAVERSE, but a link between the reality we are used to and have to come to terms with and this virtual, abstract and perfect world that knows how to be more and more fascinating and intriguing.

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